Keep Your Employees Safe

Your employees are one of the most important parts of your business. They keep things running so your business can thrive, and they deserve to feel secure while they're doing their jobs. Don't take employee safety for granted, and don't wait until an emergency happens to think about securing your business. Here are some tips to help keep both your business and your employees safe at all times.

Educate your employees

Safety starts with education, so be sure that your employees know how to keep themselves, and your business, secure at all times. Conduct regular security audits and update your list of key holders every time that someone leaves the company. Make sure your employees know your policies on letting former employees into the building and train them how to respond in extremely dangerous situations, such as an active shooter situation.

Be sure to review the correct lockdown procedures with your employees as well as the designated safe areas in case of any emergency, such as a fire or natural disaster. Being prepared is the best way to keep your employees and your business safe in an emergency situation.

Use keypad locks

Keypad locks can help keep your employees safe by limiting the number of people who can gain access to your building. Codes can easily be changed to prevent former employees from getting inside, and access can be restricted to just the areas that your employees need access to, so you can keep sensitive information safe, too. 

Maintain your locks and keys

Physical security maintenance is an important part of keeping your business and employees safe. Broken locks or missing keys are a major security risk, so have them replaced or repaired immediately. If you have missing keys, or have former employees with keys to the building, have the locks re-keyed or replaced entirely. Re-keying locks is simple and inexpensive, so even small businesses can make sure that their security is prioritized.

Secure the exterior of your premises

Locks aren't the only thing that can keep your employees safe at work. The exterior of your business can be a risky place, especially for employees who arrive or leave when it's dark outside. Make sure that there is adequate lighting, particularly around any entrances that your employees use to enter the building. Don't provide space for an attacker to hide, such as tall shrubs or dark parking lots. If possible, allow your employees to park in a well-lit parking lot. Attackers are less likely to target their victims if there is a chance that someone might see them do so.

Consider hiring a security guard

Most people expect to see security guards in retail establishments, but any business that allows members of the public onto the premises can benefit from using a security guard. They are a great crime deterrent and can also assist customers while your other staff members are busy. Criminals are less likely to attempt to rob or assault your employees or customers if there is a guard on the premises to stop them. 

Take threats of violence seriously

Workplace violence is an unfortunately common issue, and every threat should be taken seriously. Contact the police if anyone threatens your business or employees, and file a police report for even minor assaults. It's up to you to keep your business and employees safe, so show them that you are prioritizing their safety by never ignoring a potential threat in the workplace.

Practice staying safe

Emergency preparedness drills can help keep safety and security plans fresh in your employees' minds. Whether you have planned or random drills, watch to see if everyone is following the correct safety protocol, and make any changes to your plan as needed to help ensure everyone stays safe.

Locks and guards can only go so far when it comes to employee safety. Teach your team to look out for themselves, and your business, by adopting safer working practices every day. Find additional reading at local sites.