4 Entrance Security Tips For Your Commercial Building

Building security is vital, whether you are protecting an employee-only entrance at all hours or ensuring the customer entrance is secure after you close up for the day. There are several techniques and tools at your disposal to ensure better security of your building's doors, and a commercial locksmith can help you implement them. 

1. Secure Doors

Metal doors tend to be the most secure option, as they can't easily be kicked in or damaged. Metal doors are suitable for employee entrances, but they may not be the preferred option for customer entries. In this case, consider a door featuring difficult-to-break security glass, set inside a metal frame. Security glass can also have embedded metal screening that will prevent entry even if the glass is broken.

2. Metal Framing

The frame and threshold around the door can also pose a security risk. Wood frames can be broken away at the latch with a crowbar or similar object, making entry easy even if the door is made of metal. Steel frames can't easily be bent by the use of hand tools, so getting the latch free is almost impossible for the average intruder.

3. Automatic Closure

One security breach that is often overlooked, particularly at controlled access doors, is how well the door closes. A slow-closing door or one that does not latch immediately upon closure can allow someone to sneak into the building behind a staff member. Your locksmith can install automatic closures on the doors so that they close and latch even if someone forgets to pull them closed afterward. These can also include a magnetic strike plate, which will pull the latch into place quickly and effectively.

4. Keyless Entry

Keys can be lost or duplicated, making them a security risk. Key card systems are a bit better, as a lost card can be deactivated, but they are still less than ideal. Keyless entry systems that use codes or app-based "keys" are the best option. Codes can't be lost, and each can be unique to the user so it's simple to know who is entering the building and when. Codes can be periodically changed for better security or deactivated when no longer needed. A locksmith can retrofit nearly any door to use such a system.

Contact a commercial locksmith in your area today if you need to make any of these upgrades to the doors on your building.