Before You Call An Auto Locksmith, Check Off This To-Do List

The instant that you realize you're locked out of your vehicle, perhaps due to locking your car keys inside the vehicle, you might feel compelled to call an auto locksmith for help. This is the right call to make, although it's often a good idea to go through a series of quick steps to see if you can rectify the problem yourself before you seek the help of a professional. If you indeed need help, an auto locksmith can be on the scene in a short amount of time, whether you're in your own driveway or are somewhere out in public. Here's a mental to-do list that you should go through before you make the call:

Is The Door Really Locked?

The panic that you immediately feel upon locking your keys in the car means that you won't always be thinking clearly. If you've locked the driver's door of the vehicle and see your car keys sitting on the seat or console, you're not necessarily sunk just yet. In some cases, you may fail to realize that the passenger door or either of the backseat doors are unlocked. Take a moment to check each of these doors to see if they'll let you back in the car.

What About The Trunk?

A similar scenario holds true with the trunk of your vehicle. For example, you could pop the trunk, lock your keys in the car and, in your panic, forget that the trunk is open. Generally, when a vehicle's trunk is popped, it will only open by an inch or so. This may mean that you overlook the trunk as a viable option. If it's open, you'll need to crawl into the vehicle via the trunk to unlock a door, but this is doable.

Where Is Your Spare Set?

It's common to have two or more sets of keys for your car, so you should calmly assess where the second set is located. Perhaps your spouse has it or perhaps it's at home. In many cases, you can rectify the situation. If you're in public, you can call your spouse to bring his or her key to your location. Although this solution may take a little time to unfold, you'll soon be able to get back inside the vehicle. If your spouse isn't reachable, think who might have a spare set of keys. Perhaps you gave a key to a neighbor or family member; if so, give this person a call for assistance.

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