Tips To Help You Prepare And Move Your Bulky Items

Moving your entire household can be time consuming and stressful, along with making preparations to relocate and to arrange boxing up and transporting your possessions. When you have large and heavy items to move as part of your household, hiring professional movers to handle their transport can take some of the burden off you for moving these difficult items. Here are some tips to help you arrange and prepare for heavy and large items to be moved by professional movers.

Safes and Gun Safes

When you own firearms or have valuable jewelry, gold, or other possessions you want to keep safe in your home, a safe can keep your items protected from burglars and thieves. A safe for your guns or other valuables is built to be heavy and difficult for a thief to transport from your home, in addition to being impossible to open without the right combination. Unfortunately, when you move, moving the safe to your new home can be quite a task, so it is a good idea to hire a professional safe mover.

Before the movers arrive, be sure you remove all items from inside the safe and pack them up. Firearms are possessions that a moving company is unable to transport for legal reasons, so it is your responsibility to arrange other transport for your firearms without the safe. And because the safe is already heavy, removing items from inside it will make it less heavy and easier for the movers to move.

If your safe is not a gun safe but a traditional safe for valuables, your professional safe movers will still request you to remove the contents from the safe. This is to make sure your items are safe during the move, as you take personal responsible for their transport. This is also because a moving company usually does not have the required insurance to take responsibility for valuable items, such as jewelry or gold.

Hot Tub

A hot tub is another type of item in your household that can be difficult to move due to its size and weight. You can hire professional movers who specialize in moving hot tubs to arrange for its transport.

Be sure to have the hot tub drained before moving day, and disconnect the water connection from the tub. You will also need to disconnect the electrical wiring from the tub, as the movers will not be able to complete any electrical work. You can hire an electrician to complete the project, then also to rewire the hot tub at your new home.

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