Going Away For The Holidays? Why You Might Want To Get Better Locks On Your Home

A lot of people travel for the holidays. They go to popular vacation spots, or they travel to see family in other states. If you are planning on traveling this holiday season, and you know that you will be gone for several days to a week or more, you should really consider getting some better locks installed on your home. Hiring a locksmith to assess your home for vulnerabilities and to install locks may be the best Christmas present you can give yourself and your family. Here is why.

Thieves Know That Big-Ticket Items Are Purchased and Given During the Holidays

The hot items for home thefts are often purchased and given at Christmastime. This includes TVs and game consoles, all of which thieves can sell for a hefty price. Thieves will intentionally case a neighborhood where they think people might leave for the holidays and then break into homes that appear vacant during that time. Having really good locks on all of your windows and doors will prevent these thefts. 

Locks on Doors Is Not Enough

A thief will go for your backdoor first because it is out of sight of the neighbors. If your garage is attached, the thief will try to enter your home via the garage side door, and then through the door that opens into your house. If those options do not look like they will work for the thief, then the thief will look for a window that is not locked and will slide open easily. 

It is important that you have unpickable locks on the garage, on the front, back, and side doors (if applicable) of your home, and on any patio or porch doors you have. Also, make sure all of the locks on the window lock tight, and that they are all sufficiently locked before you leave.

Locks on Safes and Other Lockable Storage

If you have gun safes, document safes, wall safes, or any other lockable and secure storage in your home, have the locksmith check these as well. The locksmith will make sure nothing can break into these safes and lockable storage, which is essential to keeping your firearms and valuables safe while you are away. If, in the slightest off-chance, that a thief manages to get past all of the locks you have checked and installed, you will want this second line of defense to be fully functional.

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