Understanding The Two Most Common Types Of Commercial Steel Door Controls

Keeping your business secure is an important consideration. While most business owners address the obvious security needs of the front doors and primary access doors, they often overlook the security of their commercial steel doors on the loading docks. If you're looking to secure your company's steel doors, you should install door controls that help you regulate access. Here are two primary control options for you to consider.

Button-Controlled Door Systems

Button-controlled commercial door systems are a popular option for a couple of reasons. First, they are pretty intuitive. Most button-controlled door systems have three buttons in three different colors. They are typically green, yellow, and red but can be different colors depending on the style and model that you choose.

The door is connected to the button panel so that you open and close the door using the buttons on the panel inside your loading dock. This is ideal because it helps to ensure that the door can only be controlled from the inside where the button panel is located. When you're already regulating employee access to your loading dock, this prevents unauthorized access even from outdoors.

In most cases, the three buttons on the panel represent the opening, closing, and stop commands for the door. You can also choose models that have a key override so that you can lock the buttons with a key. This ensures that your loading dock doors can only be opened once a keyholder has activated the button panel.

Key-Controlled Door Systems

Another option for your commercial steel door controls is a key-controlled system. These units have a single key interface where you must insert the key and turn it to a certain point to open the door. They often have several stop points, one for opening the door, one for closing the door, and one for stopping the door midway. 

These systems are more secure than the button-controlled systems because the door can only be operated by a keyholder. You have to manually insert the key to activate the door, which lets you limit who gets to control your doors. You can appoint one or two keyholders, perhaps one per shift, to control the loading dock door access. 

If you're looking for a way to ensure that your company's steel doors are secured at all times, opting for steel door controls is a great way to do it. Talk with a local locksmith or security specialist today about these options to find the one that's right for your business. The sooner you secure your doors, the more peace of mind you will have for your business.