A New Locking System And Security Features For Your Hotel

An older key card entry system that is used at your hotel may have resulted in doors failing to unlock on occasion. A newer model locking system, which does not require patrons to input their cards into a holder and allows the backside of a card to be held up against a sensor will ensure that each guest is not inconvenienced.

A Minimal Disruption

Rekeying a door or installing a clunky door lock would require a locksmith to work on both sides of each guest room door, but with a locking system that uses a sensor, there won't be much of a disruption. The hardware and mechanical parts that will be changed out for new pieces will be on the outside of each door.

During the process, however, you will need to alert your current guests to the proposed upgrade and you may want to have your room service staff members go around and knock on each guest's door, informing them about the changes being made.

With a system that doesn't require a key card to be slid down into a cardholder that is attached to the door, a similar key card style may be utilized. The difference between these two types of locking systems is the location of the sensor. The newer model will not have a concealed sensor, making the entire process fail-proof and simple to implement.

Some Security Features

If you are conscientious about who is staying in your hotel and have restricted your guests from inviting people into their rooms, you need to stay on top of this mandate and use some measures to further protect the premises. Once the locking systems are upgraded, your locksmith will give you plenty of key cards, which can be activated when people check into their rooms.

Hand out one or two cards per person and require a guest to bring their card down to the office to have it reactivated if they decide to extend their stay and are going to pay an additional fee to keep their room. Ask your locksmith about some additional security features, such as outdoor cameras and motion detectors.

These security devices can be extremely helpful in stopping crimes from occurring, especially if you do not have any security guards who monitor the premises on a routine basis. Choose security upgrades that can be neatly concealed and that will monitor what is going on along each corridor that runs in front of a series of rooms.

For information or assistance, contact a locksmith.