A New Locking System And Security Features For Your Hotel

An older key card entry system that is used at your hotel may have resulted in doors failing to unlock on occasion. A newer model locking system, which does not require patrons to input their cards into a holder and allows the backside of a card to be held up against a sensor will ensure that each guest is not inconvenienced. A Minimal Disruption Rekeying a door or installing a clunky door lock would require a locksmith to work on both sides of each guest room door, but with a locking system that uses a sensor, there won't be much of a disruption. [Read More]

Working With A Residential Locksmith

Your home will always be safer when you get residential locksmith service. Your home will always be safer when you install high-quality locks and alarm systems that will protect you around the clock. Working with a residential locksmith service company will get you where you need to go.  Consider upgrading your home with some high-tech entry points Your first order of business should be to take an overall look at your home and shore up glaring security weaknesses. [Read More]

Understanding The Two Most Common Types Of Commercial Steel Door Controls

Keeping your business secure is an important consideration. While most business owners address the obvious security needs of the front doors and primary access doors, they often overlook the security of their commercial steel doors on the loading docks. If you're looking to secure your company's steel doors, you should install door controls that help you regulate access. Here are two primary control options for you to consider. Button-Controlled Door Systems [Read More]